The Norfolk NATO Festival is proud to work in partnership with Norfolk public and private schools, local Universities, and NATO’s Allied Command Transformation to provide international studies experiences to students of all ages in the Hampton Roads area.

Model NATO Challenge 

Application Deadline for the 2017 Model NATO Challenge is Friday, December 9, 2016.

Working in cooperation with Norfolk’s NATO Headquarters, Allied Command Transformation, the Norfolk NATO Festival started the Model NATO Challenge in 2007 to provide a unique opportunity for high school juniors and seniors interested in the advancement of international studies. Students who are selected to participate in the Challenge serve as Student Diplomats in a role-playing exercise which simulates real world issues faced by today’s NATO Alliance. 28 students and 6 alternates will be chosen to participate and assigned to represent one of the 28 NATO member nations. Each student will work with a mentor who is an officer at NATO-ACT, from the student’s assigned nation.

This Scholarship program is designed to recognize the achievement of those Student Diplomats who have demonstrated excellence in the execution of their assigned responsibilities. Six Scholarships are awarded at 3 levels –
First Place: $2,500
Second Place $1,500
Fifth & Sixth Place: $1000



This year’s Model NATO Challenge will be held on Friday, March 29, 2017 at
Virginia Wesleyan College


Middle School Partnership

In collaboration with NATO – Allied Command Transformation , the Norfolk NATO Festival invites NATO Personnel to present about their countries and cultures to middle school students at the Academy of International Studies at Rosemont. The Academy of International Studies is a Norfolk Public Middle School which focuses on World Languages, World Cultures, and Military Science. Building upon knowledge already developed in their classrooms, the students at the Academy are able to engage with the NATO presenters and ask questions about their countries and about NATO. The Norfolk NATO Festival strives to invite one speaker each month, beginning the year with a presentation about NATO including its history, structure and current operations around the world.

 Youth Ambassador Program

The goal of the Youth Ambassador Program is to give international high school students the opportunity to share their culture and to get involved with the local community. During the months October  through May, Ambassadors will be given various volunteer and community service opportunities at public and local organizations. This is an excellent opportunity for high school students to accrue volunteer hours required in most high school programs and refer to on college applications and future resumes.